About Us

My name is Joana Pratt. My husband, Timothy and I opened Art for Life in Buford in late 2016, after I had taught art, theater, and Spanish to K-8 graders and adults for more than 20 years. My art career began in Colombia, my birthplace, where I ran my own company that made Mardi Gras-style floats and furniture with a technique I developed using recycled cardboard. In the US, since 2001,  I have taught in many Montessori schools, directed a nonprofit program for youth at risk, and worked with Lango, a program teaching foreign languages to children.

Since moving to Georgia in 2014, I launched “Art & Spanish for Life,” a platform to help people of all ages expand their lives through creating art and learning a language! The adventure continues today at the Art for Life in Buford studio.

Were happy to have a place to help you bring art into your life, only a mile from the Mall of Georgia!

The new Art for Life in Buford studio is a place where people of all ages can find a creative place to bring a little art into their lives. No previous experience is required! Our studio is designed to help teach those who have never made a painting, drawing, or sculpture, as well as budding artists.

Children love our afternoon classes, a chance to explore their artistic side after school. On weekends, young and old discover that art can be a way of celebrating everything from a birthday to a new job at our private Artsy Parties. We also have public Artsy Parties, where everyone is welcome to come and make a painting chosen from our online gallery. We also offer a chance to “Paint your Pet,” and workshops in techniques such as watercolor painting and making furniture out of recycled cardboard.

We guarantee that if you walk through the doors of Art for Life, you will have fun while learning — and bring art into your life!



“Had a great experience, even though it was a pretty small group. Joanna had a great attitude working with the teens and constantly gives the reassurance needed. Got to pick choice of music and allowed to bring snacks and drinks. Love the location for us Buford folks… She loves what she does and it shows throughout the class…”

Leslyn Moore

“The passion that you bring to the classroom has inspired Lizzy very much. It has opened up new ways of thinking and observing different objects and she is able to draw in different styles and you have shown her that art has no limits. Your person and your specific individual ity has had an impact on the way that my daughter interprets art.”

Eugen Dumitrescu

“We had a great time at Art for life!! Joanna was amazing, she’s really talented and good at what she does. Can’t wait to go back!”

Liliana Trujillo